Sliding Closet Doors
We now offer Sliding Doors to complement our Swinging Door Series from Germany.  We can offer a wide variety of Room Dividers, Closet Doors and Barn Doors.  The possible materials include Wood, Glass and Rattan.


Traditional Doors
You are building a house. Why?

To live in it or to sell it? Or maybe a bit of both?

Vancouver, British Columbia and its surrounding areas have developed a very unique concept of residential house construction which has intensified over the past 15 years.  What concept am I referring to?

You can build a house to live in it and with that motive you, as the homeowner, will select your “ingredients” with care.  You will take greater care to select what you like as opposed to filling the space with the first best thing.

You can build a house to sell it and with that motive you, the builder, will select your “ingredients” very differently in most cases.  You will steer towards building the house with what you deem valuable to the future owner in the neighborhood of the home.  Your choices will have nothing to do with your tastes but rather with the assumed tastes of the population of the area.

With increasing real estate values in Vancouver and surrounding areas, building to sell seems to dominate now.  Is that a good thing?  If yes, for whom?

I dare to say, that building to sell is not ideal for the future resident.  Not because a house like that inherently lacks quality, no, but because some things, like homes, should not be bought “off the shelf”.

I am sure it I will have opposition here but I will hold my ground and say:

To fully enjoy anything, you must be part in the creation of it.  Why? Because creation is difficult – and difficulty, once overcome, leads to fulfillment.

But enough on the theory. 
Doors are one part of homes in Vancouver and everywhere around the globe.  They are just as important
as everything else – not more and not less, if the home is to have a unified appearance.  Interior doors can be modern or traditional (which is still the norm in Vancouver for example) and the theme is usually carried throughout the whole house.  Seldom would you mix the two styles but everything is possible, nonetheless.

Interior doors can come in the shape of wood or glass or a mix of the two.  They can come in many finishes and styles.  Doors can be a great asset if they address noise, light and air issues effectively in your home.  A bedroom door, for example, should block noise.  A wine cellar door should have a thermally efficient make-up to keep the room cooler than the surrounding house.

The Vancouver market lacks modern door options at the moment but if you spend a little time looking you will be rewarded.

Jony Hubert

Girl in Black Dress
Little Black Dress’ and LEBO Interior Doors

 Simple!  Profound!

The Little Black Dress, or LBD, as it is affectionately known, has become a “rule of fashion”.  Women and fashion designers alike believe no closet should be without this simple elegance.  Since the early 1920’s its timeless style has galvanized the imagination of women and disassembled the thinking of men.

Simple!  Profound! It rules!          

Hubert de Givenchy, the famous French fashion icon, sourced the finest Italian satin to create an unforgettable silhouette worn by Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 
Shimmering, sculpted and sleeveless, its floor-length skirt was slightly gathered at the waist and slit to the thigh on one side, accented by a pair of black elbow-length gloves.  Salivating!  In December, 2006,
this timeless and dazzling treasure was donated to and auctioned for charity.  Christie’s Auction House flawlessly worked an adoring and discerning public to a profitable end.  The garment fetched an elegant … $923, 187! 

Simple!  Profound!   It rules!  
Since 1871, LEBO Doors & Frames, have changed the way we think and feel when walking in and out of their rooms.  Their appearance quietly complements its room.  German designed and manufactured, their hairbreadth allowances between door and frame are evocative of an old ’57 Porsche Speedster, the sound of its door latch going, cluh-CLICK-click.  Seductive! Intoxicating!  Utterly!  
LEBO Doors & Frames
speak to and satisfy discerning tastes and values.  Modern and traditional offerings are available in 14 wood and 16 laminate surfaces. 
A full product offering is available in our catalogue.

LEBO Interior Door trends for today and tomorrow, feature:  
Rabbeted door panel - closes against frame mounted gaskets to control dust, noise, and light  
Lower-able floor closure seal (P 102) – further prevents transference of dust, noise, and light
Frames are free of nail holes – simple elegance in 10 frame styles
Full length glazing with wood stiles, with sandblasting, grooving or plain glass options 
Glass and wood sliding-doors – options for all tastes and styles

One is made to wonder: If, today, Christie’s Auction House flawlessly worked an adoring and discerning
public in the auction of a LEBO Interior Door, would we have Breakfast at Tiffany’s tomorrow?

LEBO Interior Doors – no home should be without this simple elegance!

Simple!  Profound!  They rule! 

John J Friesen

Soundproof Doors

Soundproof Doors by Lebo.

Soundproofing interior doors has long been neglected even though there is great value in doing so.
A good night's sleep is very important to your health. Or you can keep your childrens' music confined to their rooms while you relax in the living room.

Lebo gives you the option to keep noises confined to certain areas of your home.

Sleep tight.

Alrik-Design Door
There is something to be said for uniqueness.
We all want to be unique. But if we could just be honest enough, we would see that we are really not. We like terms like "...swimming against the current..." but when it comes down to it we tend to go with the easier, faster choice - and it tends to work okay.
But why are we compromising like that? Is it the longer time it takes to pick something unique? Or is it simply the money?

Taking risks is always difficult but it is the only way to ever be unique.
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